We have a ghostboy to save.

Danny phantom was premiered on April 3, 2004 ("Mystery Meat") and ended on August 24, 2007 (Phantom Planet"). The show was created by Butch Hartman for Nickelodeon. Everyone loved Danny Phantom and to see it all get thrown away made all the fans heartbroken that the show Danny Phantom ended so soon. No one knows for sure why the show had to end so soon. Rumor has it that the producer overspend the budget also, that the show didn't have enough viewers:(. But so many people still love Danny and as his fans we need to fight, send letters anything that can get our phantom back on nick. I made this page to support the return of Danny Phantom and team up with the fans that still love him! DANNY PHANTOM NEEDS TO RETURN.

This website will Fight for Danny's return. We need plans..We need more people so we can all unite and force nick to air new episodes of Danny Phantom. If you disagree with this website you can leave now becasue the people here want his return. On the list there are places to click on to discover more on this website. Please if you have anything that can help us with Danny's return comment on the page "Guestbook" and put down any ideas. I will write back to anything that any of you fans have. If anyone post comments to hurt anyones feelings i will happily delete that becasue on this website we only are focusing on one thing. DANNY PHANTOM.  I hope you enjoy this website and will help us Fight for the show Danny Phantom's return.

It's been a long time since the show ended which is sadto say but we still have can come back and it will. Through the years fans have stopped fighting, and stopped beliving in Danny. They though that since it's been a long time that Danny Phantom's been on that it will never come back but you know what? They are wrong. I hope your here on savedannyphantom.beep. com to join me and the fans that are determined to bring him back. You might of heard many rumors going around that DP will come back..i'm not saying they are right, but i'm not saying they are wrong either. Someone own a facebook page "save Danny phantom" and they said someones aunt works for nick and says they been constanly talking about his return...again, i'm not saying this is right becasue i have no proof but who knows? Maybe it is..if you look up they're signs that say "DP '13", "BRING DANNY BACK!" Which shows fans are still fighting for our ghostboy. For all of you people that disagree and are bringing us down making dp fans doubt that butch will never continue We are here to fight for our phantom. We can do it..never say never...never lose HOPE.



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