Hi! I'm Phantom girl here on my blog i'm basically just telling you how much i want this show to be saved. I'm encouraging you to send letters to nick to make posters to help save Danny. I will tell you about rumors that people are gossiping about of when and how the shows coming back. In my videos i will also keep you updated on butch, Danny Phantom fans, and i will also answer any questions you have for me right on the side of this page. We have to fight for our ghostboy.  ~PHANTOMGIRL~



Hey Phantom fans! I'm so happy with the opening of my new website! Please spread the word becasue we NEED to save Dp. If you have any ideas of a new page i'm listening to anything you fans have to say! Thanks for visiting and please make sure to visit this website as much as you can for news and more updates thanks:)  -PG


YO Phantom fans ! Please Please PLEASE Spread the word about this website so WE CAN SAVE DANNY ! Never lose hope becasue we need to let nick know that we want our ghostboy back and for that to happen we all need to unite and fight ! -PG


WE NEED MORE FANS!!!! Thank you for who visited the website and are spreading the word..I know some FB accounts are spreading the word to help get DP back on. ITS NEVER TO LATE. We need to help Danny get back on nick. So just keep sending in rants, and make sure you send tons!!!!!!!!!! XX -PG


I am so sorry i havent been on!!!!!!! But that dosent mean you still cant spread the word about DP return!!!!!! POST SIGNS, RANT, ANYTHING that can get Danny back on air!!! YOU CAN DO ANYTHING IF YOU SET YOUR MIND TO IT. -PG

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