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Here are some of the Main characters of the nickolodeon show "Danny Phantom". I will be added some ghosts to the list and other Cast members..if you comment on the "Guestbook" any other cast members names you think i might of forgotten i will happily add them to the list. Enjoy!


Danny Phantom is a ghostboy that uses his power for good. Fighting the evil ghost that comes from his freaky genius parents Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, Danny's best friends Sam manson and Tucker foley always have his back no matter if hes fighting evil Vlad or destroying the disastrod that was hurdiling to earth. Danny fenton turned to Danny Phantom for the first time in the pilot "Mystery meat" when he turned on the "broken" portal that his parents made. He learned to control his powers, and he developed new powers along the way. Danny Phantom is also wanted and many times framed making people/ghost hunt him down. His main catch phrase is "Going ghost!" When he goes through his transformation from boy to ghost boy. Voiced by David Kaufman.


Danny Fenton is A.K.A halfia (Half ghost half boy) He is known as a loser, a regular boy at school until "Phantom planet" the last episode. Danny also want to become an astrounat when he grew up. Sam Manson and tucker foley were the only two people that knew about his powers and have his back no matter what. Bullied by the jock Dash, Danny is also known as the freak with ghost hunting parents Maddie and Jack Fenton that "can't catch a ghost even if it's living under their own roof." Sam mason as i said before was his best friend, but also his soulmate. Yea kinda cheesy but true, they love eachother. And yea it took a while for them to find out what eachother where feeling but they we meant to be. Always meant to be. Danny is a wonderful friend and could not imagine a life without his familly or friends.OBVIOUSLY Danny Fenton is also played by voice actor David Kaufman. 


Sam Manson is a goth girl and a strict ultra-recyclo vegetarian. Even though she is one of the most richest person on earth Sam dosen't like telling anyone. Hates paulina. Also known as a loser at Casper high Sam is not like any other girl (Danny thinks so too)  her individuality and personality won Dannys heart. Also a cat person, she's a fan of punk and metal rock music. Like Danny and Tucker, Sam rather have real friends then deal with popularity with fake friends. Sam has Dannys back whenever, wherever . She would do anything for him even if it meant her life. Sam Manson is Voiced by Grey DeLisle.


Tucker foley, is a  MEAT FANATIC. His favorite place is nasty burger and refuses to become a vegetarian of any kind. Tucker was Dannys best friend ever since they were little and just like Sam, he always has his back no matter what. Tucker has a love for girls but technology stole his heart and forever and always will. The hacking expert, is a big time gamer always keeping technology on him wherever he goes. Tucker is also a joker and not always knows when to keep his mouth shut like the time he told the men in white the password ("Open sesame") to Dannys ghost portal. Tucker had many rejections and not so much of a ladies man. Tucker always knew Danny and Sam will be together and he is more relaxed than down to earth like Sam. Tucker Foley is played by Rickey D'shon Collins.


Maddie and Jack fenton are Danny's psyhco ghost hunting parents. They both fell for eachother making a ghost portal that caused Vlad to accidentally recive his powers that he now uses for evil. Jack Fenton the overly obessesed ghost hunter, makes Danny and his daughter Jazz learn about the Fenton weapons leacturing them and boreing them. Maddie is known as the better ghost hunter almost capturing Danny once and is fast and skilled with the Fenton weapons. This loving mother will do anything for Danny and along with Jack fenton the cookie lover accepts Danny for who he is.  Maddie Fenton is voiced by Kath Soucie. Jack Fenton is voiced by Rob Paulson.


Jasmine Fenton (Jazz) is the girl who thinks she's an adult. Also knowing that Dannys half ghost before Danny knew she knew, jazz has his back through the good and bad times protecting him in battles and keeping his identity from his parents. As known as "a concieted snob" Jazz is very intelligent and hated ghost hunting before she tryed it and once fell for a ghostboy. Also thinking that she's the normal one in the family she's quite popualar in school and makes Dannys bully Dash Head over heals for her. Jasmine Fenton (Jazz) is voiced as Colleen O'Shaughnessey.


Vlad Masters/Plasmius is an evil ghost that trys so hard to Capture Danny Fenton after he discovers that he's danny Phantom wanting to mold him into his own evil ghost son. He also has this obsession of Maddie Phantom saying he lost his chance win Jack made him into a ghost and caused pimple welt looking bumps ecto bumps on his face. With hollowgrams of Maddie working for him, he trys to win Maddies heart any chance he gets. Vlad uses his power for evil stealing money, using his powers to get money making him a billionaire....richer than rich can get. Vlad is also a HUGE packers fan having an autographed football in his mansion along with foamfingers, and packer flags. Vladdy is voiced by Martain Mull.


Valerie Gray. Once bestfriends with paulina, once part of the popular people, and once rich. Valerie once could buy anything even a shirt that cost hundreds. But know that she's poor living in a "crummy" home she is one of many that hunts Danny Phantom. Valerie and Danny once had a thing making Sam sick and Danny lost in love with valerie almost giving her a ring that had "Sam" carved into it. But now that's history. She hated Danny Phantom wanted to rip out his guts, hurt him, destroy him. Valerie gray is voiced by Cree summer.


Paulina is the popular, snobby, mean, crush stealing, "most beautiful girl" in casper high. Paulina is a hispanic preppy cheerleader that hangs out with jocks such as Dash. Admired by Danny since forever made him googly eyed whenever she walked by. Although being possesed from time to time she has a major crush, maybe even obsession of ghost boy Danny Phantom. Not knowing it's "loser Danny", Paulina invites Danny Phantom to her birthday, wants him more than anything, also thinks his just the cutest thing.She even has a chrime complete with candles in her locker with hearts sourrounding Danny Phantoms Zillions of pictures. Her rude and mean attitude makes Sam go beyond Jealous once making her so angry by trying to steal danny. Paulina is admired by many, making her the most popular girl of casper high. Paulina is voiced by Maria Canals.


Dash Baxter is the quarter-back on the Casper high football team. Girls want to date him and guys want to be him. A big suck up to the teachers he gets away with almost anything. Even though he's a ninth grader like Danny, just becasue he's bigger he thinks he harass Danny almost everyday. With Dannys powers somtimes Danny can't resist to make him look like a fool but if Dash knew before "Phantom Planet" he would be on his knees begging for forgivness for bullying him. Mean to Danny but a sweetheart to his older sister Jazz he flirts with her any chance he gets even if it means inviting "Fen-turd" to his party. Dash is voiced by Jason Marsden and S. Scott Bullock.

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